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Business Headshots for Executives and Business Professionals for Corporate and Social Media uses

Successful business people know, image is paramount in business and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Your headshot often forms the first impression you make.

How important is that first impression?

Whether on your business card, your company's website, social media, on literature, press releases or announcements, your headshot speaks volumes about you.  To your clients, prospects, coworkers, employees, and employers.

Perhaps surprisingly, your professional headshot is often the last impression you will leave as well.  Have you ever reviewed business cards after a week of meetings?  

We leave headshot impressions in the form printed business cards, on social media and press releases.

Thus,  working 24/7  your headshot often acts as the powerful reminder of you and your past business exchanges with those whom you have already met, however briefly or long ago.

With business people, professional headshots are critical self promotion tools.  

For higher level executives and those with frequent client contact, as well as being a personal promotion tool, headshots act to promote your company, working quietly, powerfully and hopefully effectively in the background. 

With most business executives, an effective professional headshot demonstrates an easy and authentic mix of confidence with approachability.    The look in the eyes conveys confidence, and when melded believable expression of the mouth the approachability is effectively established.  This balance must be sincere and delivered with an ease that keeps the impression believable and powerful.

Powerful executive headshots win viewers over, often without their knowing what just happened.

Acting Headshots for Actors and Actresses

An Acting Headshot is an actors or actresses entre into the acting world.  These give agents, promoter and casting directors their first view of aspiring actors.

Your acting headshot must stand out and display aspects of your character in order to stand out from seas full of actor headshots.

 Investments in an acting career often begin and end with your acting headshot.

Once you've arrived, your acting headshot becomes a vehicle to manage your greater world view of, in your playbills, social media branding and for press releases.

Modeling Headshots for Models, aspiring Models and Model Portofolios

Model Headshots are necessary for both aspiring and accomplished models.

Depending on your type of modeling, your headshot may show beauty, character or range.

Models without a powerful headshot stand to lose out  bookings (paid) that models with strong  headshots are filling.

Be sure your modeling headshot shows aspects of you that are particular to your kind of modeling.   For example, fashion models will wish to show a variety of looks that highlight their capacity to cameleon with varied makeup and styling looks.  Range of expression is necessary for models wishing to pursue careers in editorial or print work, and so on.

Glamour Headshots for Beauty, Fashion and ego branding

Glamour and beauty headshots are used commercially for the fashion and beauty industry.

The beauty headshot is often used by attractive models to showcase their look, or can serve as a ego headshot for women who wish to express that element of their character.

Looking like you've been published in a magazine in your glamour headshot is remarkably achievable for a wide range of women who are treated to the styling and professional photographic and editing tools available to create these gorgeous looks.

It is so uplifting having a beauty headshot done, seeing yourself look beautiful, like models and actresses on the silver screen, we call it 'Photo Therapy.'  The ego boost is immediate and forms the basis for a long lasting uptick in self esteem for any woman who has experienced this powerful glamour process. 

Do a glamour headshot for yourself, whether for social media, modeling use, or for an ego print, for your loved ones or for over your fireplace.     

You are worth it and you'll feel better about your looks than you have in years, guaranteed.

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